The “Beyond the Life of Forms” project started as a result of discovering the systematic orders and chaos systems that the connections of our vital forms make with each other, at a point where I realized my stereotyped limits and started to understand these limits more.

The collaboration relationship between me and the machine, when I realized that I had achieved the aesthetics I was looking for in the systems that I started to create manually with parametric algorithms, the output that emerged was the point where I started the explorations.

I have created a set of systemic forms where ordered chaos and systematic orders intersect with minimalism. With different particle sizes, I discovered the depth of the layers that these systems form on top of each other. In some systems, I included colored shadows and black shadows in the system, revealing the harmony between the tones.

The “Beyond the Life of Forms” project includes 34 unique editions generative pieces curated by me out of 300 outputs. The curation and design period was quite a long time for me, I have been spending time with this project for about 3 months. During the algorithm design, as I mentioned above, when there was no important addition to be made, I stopped and obtained hundreds of outputs. This was a challenging process because it took a long time to reduce hundreds of outputs to just 34 prints. Each piece has been processed with high quality and is 9221 x 9221 px.

2023, Istanbul
Berke Yapa


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