Blooms #123
Blooms #123

Blooms #123

Cory Haber
What are the things that surround us, but mementos of life? Materials to sustain our lives, reminders of what we want or have had, and even life itself. The types of life we observe changes our perspective – for instance, looking upon each other draws comparison and instigates narrative. When we take in nature, everything is alive and as it should be: the slow growing rocks, quietly drifting clouds, the fauna and the flora. From these observations, we get an intuitive sense that each tree, plant, and flower is a peaceful analog to our own spirit. 

Each flower reminds us of the infinite beauty of our existence – its simultaneous perfection and imperfection, and the teaching that those two attributes are the same. The opening of a flower is an uplifting process that prepares for its long moment in the sun and whatever may come. Each drifting wind shows off the dimension of a blossom, each ray of light and drop of water bends its petals to receive sustenance. Through flowers, we see the cycles of life: a peek expression of the plant's potential in its bloom, simultaneously aware that it was recently but a seed, and will soon now be dead.

The flower is a prompt to stop and enjoy the vibrancy of life – it shouts at us with color and stretches out its sumptuous cup in which to hold our attention. This awareness we place upon the flower reveals the shared energy of our lives, all lives, and charges our connection to it. The lasting power in both their physical appreciation and artistic representation is no coincidence or trite superficiality: it's born from our deepest intuitions.

*Blooms* continues Haber's pursuit of expressing the essence of life and energy using flowers as subjects. Through unexpected colors and combinations, an abstracted feel of paint-brushed flora, and a myriad of wild floral arrangements, the generative processes of this series create a new, widely varied visual language that represents the beautiful, organic diversity of life.

*Without our fully realizing it, flowers would become for us an expression in form of that which is most high, most sacred, and ultimately formless within ourselves. Flowers, more fleeting, more ethereal, and more delicate than the plants out of which they emerged, would become like messengers from another realm, like a bridge between the world of physical forms and the formless.*

—Eckhart Tolle

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