Whispers of Knowledge #9
Whispers of Knowledge #9

Whispers of Knowledge #9

Ferdinand Dervieux
*Whispers of Knowledge was developed in C# on Unity. Thousands of outputs were pre-rendered and co-curated with the Hodlers community. The end result was 100 highly curated pieces, hosted on IPFS.*


Legacy is inevitable and sacred. It embodies order, authority and truth. It is reassuring because it has outlived its time. It is a temple of knowledge, the foundation on which we build. But time passes and we forget. The world changes. Voluntarily or not, we adapt, we interpret, we rewrite.

The seed is gradually corrupted. The meanings slip away. Facts become blurred. We assert wrongly, and chaos ensues. Lies become truths. History is changed. The new heritage is born, whispering it’s knowledge.

In live view, press 's' to download a high resolution ( 5000px * 7000px ) version of the piece. It is a heavy file so please be patient as it might take time to load and download.


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13000009 0x9f79...7794ERC-721Ethereum

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