Linea #8

Linea #8

Stuart Batchelor
Please note regarding gas: the price of $65 is inclusive of gas (the fee to mint onto the Ethereum blockchain). Verse will mint automatically when gas goes below $10. If you would like to pay extra to mint instantly please let us know in the support channel in our Discord.

*Linea* came from me wanting to go back to the beginning and start anew. From this point zero, I found myself back at physical work, experimenting with ink bleeds and impasto paint. It was expression through the media itself. If I could use algorithms in the same way - could I paint with code?

To do this the algorithm needs to be treated like a material, by using only lines I am trying to investigate the self expression of the digital media - only algorithms, no rasterised graphics or pixels. An approach to explore not just the images in my mind but also the creativity of a dynamic material.

For this reason, each *linea* corresponds to a physical plotted artwork the owner may redeem.


Token ID:Contract:Token Standard:Chain:
1414751849 0xa572...f52cERC-721Ethereum

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