A redemption tool tailored for artists who create physical artworks paired with digital art on the blockchain:

  • Verify NFT ownership
  • Set and collect shipping fees
  • Record the redemption to the blockchain
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A simple redemption tool for NFTs paired with physical artworks. Intended for artist who craft and ship their own physical works, this redemption tool enables artists to verify NFT ownership, set and collect shipping fees, and record the redemption to the blockchain.

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Add Your Collection to Artfora

Q: Why should I add my collection to Artfora?

A: Artfora is a dedicated platform where collectors can exclusively find NFTs that are paired with physical artworks. We ensure that collectors are able to easily find and redeem your NFTs paired with physical objects. Simply fill out the form below and we'll add your collection to the platform.

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Verify That The Collector Owns The NFT

Q: How do you know that the person asking to redeem the physical artwork is the owner of the NFT?

A: Artfora's redemption platform requires every collector to provide a signature with their wallet in order to redeem an NFT. If the NFT is not owned by the collector, they won't be able to redeem the physical artwork.

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Set and Receive Redemption Fees

Q: How do you communicate fees to collectors, like materials and shipping, and how do you go about charging those fees?

A: Artfora's redemption platform enables you to set custom and variable shipping fees for different countries and regions. All fees go from the collector's wallet directly to the artist's wallet when the physical artwork is redeemed.

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Record the Redemption to the Blockchain

Q: How do you and your collectors know which of your NFTs have already been redeemed?

A: Artfora's redemption platform records all redemptions to the blockchain and displays the redemption status of each NFT live on Artfora. All of the redemptions can be viewed on the blockchain through Artfora's Smart Contracts even without our website.

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How to Set Up an Artfora Studioworks Collection

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